About Taiyo

Taiyo Aksu has been racing motorcycles since 2014. He started at Mike Hatcher Junior Motorcycle club on a PW50 and soon progressed onto 65cc. Despite having limited opportunities to ride, Taiyo always found a way to be competitive, which he is respected for amongst his peers. Taiyo is knowledgeable about his bikes and often works on them himself. Therefore, he understands what he wants his bike to do and can give accurate feedback to his mechanics. Taiyo is currently riding in the ASBK R3 cup and Super Sport 300 classes.

Date of Birth: 28th January 2007

Body Facts

  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: 62 kg


  • Music
  • Mountain bike riding
  • Playing sports

ASBK Profile



In 2023 Taiyo will be competing in the All Japan JP-250 series run by Motorcycle Federation of Japan (MFJ). Taiyo will be riding for Team Dog Fight Racing and will be piloting a Yamaha R3.

Between the intervals of the Japanese series Taiyo intends to come back to Australia and compete in the Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK) on a Yamaha R3 or R6 depending on his Japanese team’s request.

From a marketing point of view Taiyo is an appealing candidate for sponsors as he holds both Japanese, Australian passports and has a Turkish heritage, making him multiculturally appealing. This gives Taiyo the opportunity to connect with different communities around the world. Taiyo speaks English as his native language but is also able to communicate in Japanese.

Throughout the 2022 ASBK season Taiyo was on the podium numerous times and has been a leader amongst his peers on how to point out his sponsors. He has consistently mentioned his sponsors and supporters on the podium interviews and started the trend of pointing at his sponsor logos when the
camera was on him as seen in the picture below.